Private Investments

Our investments in private companies focus on high-quality businesses with strong management teams. We target businesses with long-term, sustainable growth and attractive reinvestment economics where returns are driven by growth rather than high leverage ratios. Our broad investment mandate and permanent, flexible capital base allow us to creatively structure and execute transactions as our investment time horizon is not influenced by the restrictions of typical fund arrangements. We can participate at various levels within the capital structure and are willing to make both growth and control investments across a variety of industries. We partner with strong management teams to unlock growth through organic business opportunities and acquisitions. Our investment horizon can extend well beyond typical funds’ and may last decades.

Select Private Transactions

Our private investments have included the following:

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Please note that Shumway Capital may invest in public securities and does not wish to be restricted from doing so by virtue of any information that you provide.  Accordingly, please refrain from including any material non-public information in any transmission.